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There are some things you should know about the founders of xClips.io:

We are the extremely flexible and energetic partners you've been needing all this time. As career entrepeneurs and operators of fetish websites ourselves, we recognize what it will take to succeed. This also means we are NOT able to work with everyone that wants to work with us. We have a repeatable growth pattern that will ensure your success as long as you are dedicated to providing the quality videos that brought you to our attention in the first place. Remember, xClips.io is an INVITATION ONLY program. If you are on this site, almost certainly it is because you were referred by someone we are currently working with.

We think of your site as an experiment: First, we develop a thesis of our own - "Are these clips good enough for people to buy?" If the answer is YES, we move forward with the experiment and put this theory into production. We develop a website to showcase your clips, set up online billing and hosting, and then test our theory by sending like-minded visitors to your site in the hopes that they agree with us and are ready to buy your clips. Once we see that we were correct and customers want what you have to offer, we will scale your traffic higher and higher - the sky is the limit to your potential. APPLY HERE!


So, you've been chosen to partner with xClips.io. What features can you expect to find once you are on the inside?

We've made it as easy as possible to get your site up and running almost as fast as you can get us your clips. We'll discuss some site designs that fit your niche and personality, settle on a membership price point that best reflects your videos and awaaaaaaaaay we go! You are now in the membership site business and you will never look back.


We deal only with reputable, high quality producers - you will appreciate how important this is when you understand our system.


Our staff is always here for you and your customers. We'll handle the heavy lifting while you go back and film the girls.


You go shoot the clips, send them to us, and then pour a drink and relax - we'll do the rest so you have time to enjoy life.


Our defining characteristic - We also owe it to you to operate with integrity, honesty and sincerity at all times - so we do!


Slow websites lose customers - your site will always be lightning fast with 100% uptime hosted with Amazon Web Services.


Not your typical Adult Webmasters, we are the Kings of Code - we use the latest and best tech available, as you will notice.


Experience, dedication and our unique perspective on the fetish industry translates into ballooning revenue for both of us. For over 20+ years we've stayed on top by promoting only the top brands - now, this includes YOU.


We understand your niche and your customers. We will deliver them the experience they've been wanting but were not receiving from a clip store type setup.


We'll make it easy for you to stay in contact with your members if you like, both through messaging systems and social media. Engagement can only help your success!


We use our own merchant accounts for credit card processing, not some fly-by-night third party that charges a fortune and then disappears with all the recurring.


You will become a known force in your niche that others cannot compete with. Keep your clip stores and discover how much your new brand awareness has risen. Surprise!


You will meet new and interesting people in our producer lounge. Some may be competitors of yours, but soon you will find yourself working together to make money.


We've built our system to make it easy for you to upload your clips. You can transfer them one at a time or in one massive staging area - it's up to you.


Take it from the people below, your life is about to change for the better in a big way. If you qualify, you can say goodbye to dwindling paychecks forever and HELLO to a whole new chapter of adult entertainment.

Rudy, Fetish Productions

xClips.io was referred to me by a friend that was doing well with them so I took a look at what they had to offer and I've never looked back. I like to shoot naked women doing my favorite things....I do not like to deal with all of the hassles of website ownership. Meeting the xClips.io crew has been a match made in heaven and I highly recommend them.

Scott, Diamond International

I can't thank the xClips.io crew enough for everything they've done for me. I'd been selling my vids on different clipstores and when I found out about the xClips system I thought "One more place to sell my vids" but it has worked out better than I could have dreamed. The recurring revenue really adds up. I only wish I had found them sooner!

Jason Ninja, Brats.tv

I've known the xClips.io guys for years but I was comfortable just selling my clips on stores. After we became mates, they convinced me I was leaving money on the table and I sent them just a few hundred clips out of thousands - and in a short amount of time they helped me blow past all my previous records. You can't go wrong with these guys.


We can be reached via email, phone, various IM tools, such as Skype, and carrier pigeon. (Response by bird can take longer...)

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